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Authorized Buyers

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Learn how to get started as an Authorized Buyer and understand the workflow of the Authorized Buyer program.

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  • Get Started as an Authorized Buyer

    Learn how to set up an Authorized Buyers account and adhere to the Authorized Buyer program policies. Understand how to meet your clients’ campaign requirements with the appropriate deal type and ad format.

    • Path
    • Duration 55m
    • Rating 4.8
    • Beginner
  • Authorized Buyers API Basics

    Buyers can efficiently use many features of the Authorized Buyers through the Authorized Buyers API. See how to get API access set up and review the benefits of using the API for automated real-time bidding, efficient management of creatives, and...

    • Path
    • Duration 32m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Advanced
    • Award
  • Elevate Your Campaigns with Programmatic Buying

    Build on your foundational knowledge by digging deeper into making and optimizing Programmatic Guaranteed deals and buying media across the array of inventory options available to Authorized Buyers.

    • Path
    • Duration 1.3h
    • Rating 4.7
    • Intermediate